InvestXE Review


InvestXE Review- Introduction!
InvestXE Review- Introduction!

InvestXE serves both new traders and active, sophisticated investors around the world in nearly 170 countries. That said, InvestXE continues to initiate new educational resources, services, and products for every level of investor. In addition to matchless market access, InvestXE has layered an incredible range of tools and tips that can meet every trading need. It is well-known for its extensive range of offerings across different instruments. There is no other platform that offers a wide variety of offerings as InvestXE. You can trade more than 16000 assets on the InvestXE platform. So, let us find out how InvestXE stacks up when it comes to accounts, trading platforms, educational resources, customer services, and more to assist you in deciding whether it’s the best fit for your trading needs or not.

Trading Accounts

Whether you are a hardcore trader or a beginner in the trading world, InvestXE has an account type for you. With a minimum deposit of BTC equal to 500 USDT, you can open an account with InvestXE. Let’s look at the different account types available with InvestXE:

1. Primary Accounts:

Primary Accounts are the first type of accounts available at InvestXE. These accounts give you the option for trading over 16000 commodities from gold to cryptocurrency. Not only will you get 24/7 support with InvestXE, but they also offer courses, webinars, and training so that you can boost your knowledge and skills to become successful in the market. Primary Accounts are available in three tiers:

Standard Account: The first tier of the Primary Account is the Standard Account. It is best for those who are beginning their trading journey. Users of this account can trade multiple assets. They can also get tips and hints from the experts to trade successfully. With minimum funding of BTC equal to 500 USDT, you can get access to this account.

Progression Account: This is the second tier of the Primary Accounts and lets you learn while you trade. With this account, you will get all the tools required to become a professional. By educating yourself via this account type, you will know the trading world’s all ins and outs. Along with the perks of a Standard Account, you will also get access to its flagship MarketPro 1.0 platform, 90 days membership to its trading school, and access to their elite webinar library. Deposit BTC equal to $5000 to access this account.

Advanced Account: If you are an experienced investor, then you should go for the Advanced Account of InvestXE. Under this account, you get 24/7 support for your trades, 180 days membership of their Trading School, and all the benefits that you get with a Progression Account. All these features are available at a minimum deposit of BTC equivalent to 25000 USDT.

2. Professional Account:

With a Professional Account at InvestXE, you get endless opportunities when it comes to trading. With this account, you get everything you need to become a professional trader and make big profits. It also lets you trade with the tightest spreads and delivers trading signals directly to your phone. Let’s have a look at the tiers of Professional Accounts:

Gold Account: Gold Account is ideal for the top traders. If you want to make big trades, then the Gold Account of InvestXE offers you the capability and tools you need for the same. It is supported by experts and packed with lots of services. The account lets you trade multiple assets, gives membership to their extensive webinar library, and offers access to their MarketPro 1.0 platform. You can also talk with their analysts in live review sessions to become familiar with their platform features. They personalize the sessions according to your needs. You will also get a direct hot-line to their war-room along with 300:1 leverage and 24/7 unlimited support. Deposit BTC of value equal to $75000 and get access to this account.

Platinum Accounts: If you are a hardcore and elite trader, then this is the ideal account type for you at InvestXE. You can become a world-class trader by opening this account as it gives you everything you require to become a winner. Except for the perks that come with a gold account at InvestXE, you also get the best spreads that are 5% lower and exclusive access to their VIP room. All this comes at a minimum deposit of BTC equal to the value of $150000.

3. AutoXE Accounts:

With an AutoXE account of InvestXE, you can now run automated trading strategies in your brokerage accounts. It will save you both efforts and time while you make lots of money. With an AutoXE account at InvestXE, your money remains in your account always. You can control the system as you want. It also lets you choose a strategy according to your preference. InvestXE offers many options to deposit funds in your account. The system then makes automatic trades according to your selected parameters.


InvestXE lets you trade over 16000 assets under five different classes. Read on to find more about every instrument:

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency is the latest digital asset that works as an exchange medium. They have seen a great demand in the trading markets. InvestXE offers the functionalities and tools that traders need to take benefit from the best trading insights and opportunities. This platform lets you trade cryptos even without owing them. With InvestXE, you can discover the best possible opportunities before other traders and earn big profits.

Soft Commodities: Whether it is cotton, cocoa, soybeans, or sugar, soft commodities always have high demands. The fluctuations in the soft commodities market open the doors for you to make profitable trades. InvestXE offers many strategies and options so that you can take benefit from this large market.

Precious Metals: Since time immemorial, precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum have been known as valuables. Their rarity is the main reason for their high costs. InvestXE lets you trade precious metals easily at competitive spreads. Get ready to diversify your portfolio by trading precious metals with InvestXE.

Energy Commodities: You can trade both renewables and non-renewables under energy commodities. New technologies, geopolitical situations, the economy of the world, and more affect the price of energy commodities. Take benefits of fluctuations that occur in the energy commodities market and reap big profits and rewards. InvestXE offers you all you need to take part in this energy commodities market. Get the assistance you need with InvestXE experts while trading in the energy commodities market. They can offer updated information on the market as and when you want.

Currency Options: The currency options market has made opportunities for both novice and experienced traders. The currency options pairs that you can trade with InvestXE include BTC/USDT, BTC/JPY, BTC/GBP, BTC/EUR, ETH/EUR, ETH/USDT, BTC/ETH, BTC/CHF, ETH/CHF, ETH/JPY, ETH/GBP, and more. You can get real-time market analysis from their experts for nearly every currency pair they offer to trade. Their around-the-clock chat support lets you get the needed guidance and help at any time of the day. What’s more, you also get competitive prices for a variety of currencies.


InvestXE offers a wide variety of education courses and programs to its users. Whether you are a seasoned investor, a financial professional, or a student look to understand the markets, various asset classes, functionalities of the platform, or tools, you will find a course appropriate for your needs.

Educational Courses: Want to build your trading skills or grow your knowledge, then InvestXE can help. They offer different courses that cover every facet of trading. Some of the topics included in these courses are stocks, indices, leveraging cryptos, trading strategies, market trends, commodity trading, and more. Users who participate in these courses can also get articles and breaking news about the latest trading trends.

Online Trading Courses: Since trading is a complex subject, InvestXE offers many online trading courses that can provide you the information and data you need on a specific aspect of trading. You can take these courses at your own speed. The present trading courses available at InvestXE include the best strategies for all types of trading instruments, 1-click access to virtual learning sessions, and webinars offered by industry experts.

Personal Trading Coaches: A personal trading coach and his or her individualized mentorship can be of great help when you want to learn something new. You can grow your knowledge and skills quickly. Personal trading coaches can guide you towards profits and success.

Crypto Funding Basics

InvestXE Review- Crypto Funding Basis
InvestXE Review- Crypto Funding Basis

There are times when people do not have enough funds to trade. In such situations, leverages cryptocurrency funding by InvestXE can be helpful. By using his leverage, you can now trade easily. InvestXE also lets you short your position on cryptocurrencies and buy them at bargain costs.


InvestXE has many affordable services. It acts as a one-stop solution for all your trading needs. Below are the services offered by InvestXE:

Dedicated Sales Traders: Whether you want to trade in a new market or invest in a new instrument, the dedicated sales traders at InvestXE can help you. With their assistance, you can handle the complex process of trading easily. They will help you get great results quickly and efficiently by doing lots of hard work. These sales traders can handle everything on your behalf, from admin to funding.

Personal Relationship Managers: The personal relationship managers at InvestXE can assist you with all aspects of trading and investing. Whether you need help with the technical jargon or want to find the trades to target, you will find them standing by you always. You can either reach them via email, chat, or phone or even arrange a personal meeting.

In-House Analysts: InvestXE’s in-house analysts can help you beat the competition. You can get tips from them to make profitable trades, avoid traps that even experienced traders and investors fall into, and benefit from their advice. Make them your partner in your trading career.

Personal Trading Courses: If you want to expand your trading knowledge, then take up the personal trading courses offered by InvestXE. These courses can offer knowledge that only industry experts have. With customized trading courses, you can get an understanding of the inner working of the market.

Trading Platforms

InvestXE Review- Trading Platforms
InvestXE Review- Trading Platforms

When it comes to trading platforms, InvestXE has set a high standard. Each platform comes with optimum speed and performance, usability, user experience, and more to offer every user the best trading experience. Let’s discuss these trading platforms one by one:

Web Trader:The trading experience at InvestXE stands out from all other trading platforms with its web trader. It is the best platform for those who don’t want to trade on the small screens of mobile and want to trade using a web browser. With InvestXE’s Web Trader, you do not have to install or download any application. The Web Trader lets you figure out the trending assets and evaluate the latest trends related to different instruments. You also get efficient risk management options and extra security with it.

MarketPro 1.0:Being a flagship platform of InvestXE, it is the best trading platform for years to come. With this, you get the required tool for trading efficiently with the ability to evaluate the market. Using this platform, you can reach the top of the game. No matter which instrument you want to trade, you can use MarketPro 1.0 on any device or browser to make profitable trades. Its Artificial Intelligence based trading bots can make trades on your behalf. You also get technical indicators from veterans of this industry along with access to strategists from across the globe. Its copy trading feature is second to none as you can copy trades of trusted traders and make profits.

Tablet Trading App:InvestXE offers a tablet trading app that lets you trade from anywhere and anytime. With this, you get access to real-time market data, live prices, and the trading world’s latest trends. Downloading Tablet Trader is a simple affair. You have to create an InvestXE account of your choice and then download it.

Android Trading App:Optimized for Android devices, The InvestXE android trading app lets you trade anytime. Using its range of tools and functionalities, you can benefit from every trading opportunity. From push notifications to support and everything in between, the Android Trading App offers you everything.

iPhone Trading App:InvestXE’s iOS Trader has a highly intuitive interface armed with the latest features that make crypto trading simple for every level of user. You are sure to trade successfully by using this app

Customer Service

InvestXE has a longstanding reputation for its incredible customer service, and they work hard to keep on improving. Let’s have a look at the different ways you can contact them:

Phone Support:No matter what kind of issue you have, you can reach them via phone 24/7/365. They have separate contact numbers for every country they are available.

Email Support:For any queries related to their accounts, platforms, trading features, services, and more, you can get in touch with a customer care representative via email and rest assured to get answers within 24 hours. They have different email addresses for general support, compliance, trading desk, and analyst desk.

Telegram Support:If you are looking for instant help from InvestXE, you can get in contact with them using Telegram. Regardless of the issue, their team is always available to help you.

WhatsApp Support:WhatsApp is one of the well-known and preferred messaging apps across the world. You can contact InvestXE quickly using WhatsApp. For any questions about their services, technical problem, or trading-related questions, get instant help via WhatsApp.

Wrap Up

InvestXE has made lots of efforts to make its platform more attractive to the market. Its wealth of tools, platforms, and educational resources makes it one of the top choices for both newbies and experienced traders and investors as they can advantage of the various customization options and abilities. Frequent investors will be happy with the wide range of global asset classes and services. If you are expanding with what your present trading platform offers and want to enact complex strategies, InvestXE is the natural next step.

And for the casual crowd, InvestXE’s AutoXE account is an excellent way to reach the top and make big profits even without knowing trading.


1. What Currency Pairs Can You Trade With InvestXE?

Ans. InvestXE lets you trade the following currency pairs: BTC/USDT, BTC/JPY, BTC/GBP, BTC/EUR, ETH/EUR, ETH/USDT, BTC/ETH, BTC/CHF, ETH/CHF, ETH/JPY, and ETH/GBP.

2. Which Device Do I Need to Run the Flagship Platform of InvestXE?

Ans. InvestXE’s flagship platform that is the MarketPro 1.0 can be run on any device and any browser.

3. How Can I Learn To Trade With InvestXE?

Ans. InvestXE offers many educational courses for its users to learn to trade. You can opt for their educational courses or online trading courses as per your preference. They also have personal trading coaches to offer individualized mentorship.