America’s Conflict With Huawei is Delaying the innovation

Americas Conflict With Huawei is Delaying the innovation

U.S dispute with China’s giant company Huawei is affecting Mobile operators as they are about to take a new step in the innovation of wireless network.

The U.S is warning other nations to reject any assistance by Huawei for the development of the superfast 5G network. The U.S claims that the Chinese government may use Huawei’s equipment for spying.

Huawei denies the accusation made by the U.S. When it comes to the technology of 5G network, Huawei is the leader and is significantly far advanced than compared to its rivals. Many mobile carriers want to be the first to offer high-speed 5g services by using Huawei telecommunication equipment.

“Disallowing Huawei will make a big void, and the advancement for innovation may slow down which maybe affect the use of 5G network worldwide,” said in a statement by an expert from research firm IHS market. Europe is hesitant, and it is becoming problematic, for them the use of the high-speed 5G network is crucial for its economic future.

When it comes to advance telecommunication equipment, the U.S doesn’t have any big player to rival the tech giant Huawei. Huawei’s biggest competitors are Nokia of Finland and Ericsson of Sweden. These two companies are struggling financially for a time now, while Huawei has triumphed ahead by earning annually more than $100 billion, this strong and healthy revenue makes Huawei the biggest company in China which can help to build the future of the high-speed 5G network.

Top leading global mobile operators are warning that by banning Huawei for 5G networks, Countries are compromising their tech capabilities. The new 5K network will increase the speed as much as 100 times compared to that of old technology 4G networks. This can help and further innovate the technology like the smart city and AI-based smart connected vehicles.

Earlier this month, Nick Read, CEO of Vodafone said that imposing a complete ban on the 5G network would cripple the availability of the high-speed network. Currently, Vodafone has delayed the installation of Huawei’s Equipment in the central part of the network in Europe while communicating with officials of the company.

Earlier in August Vodafone Criticized the Australian Government decision for shutting off Huawei for providing the 5G network in Australia. The company said, “This idea fundamentally weakens the future of having the 5G network in Australia”.

BT Group, a UK’s biggest telecom provider, said “There is only one 5G network supplier, other companies need to catch up” statement made by the chief architect of BT.

Rival companies of Huawei like Nokia and Ericsson are in good situation, but either of these companies has made a statement. Nokia claims that they have the industries only end-to-end portfolio which is available globally, on the other hand, Ericsson has publicly announced that they have made 5G contracts with operators.

According to the Experts and Researches, Huawei currently holds far more patents of 5G compared to the competitors and has contributed much more towards the establishment of a 5G network at an international level.

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