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GetLinks is the latest website to help technology professionals find jobs that fit their profile. Sattha Puangput was surprised when he received several interviews calls within a few days of posting his profile on GetLinks. He finally accepted an offer from Tesco Lotus, a hypermarket chain who was looking for experts to develop Android software using Kotlin.

Knowledge of programming tools and new languages makes it easier to build software faster and also allow developers to work together seamlessly.

According to clients, GetLinks is different from other similar services in the market as it focuses more on matching tech specific skills like programming languages (Flutter, Docker) and app development, rather than general programming requirements. This helps meet the requirements of Asia’s booming tech companies and also enables traditional companies to find tech talent that they would not have otherwise been able to recruit.

Large firms like China’s Alibaba, Thailand’s Siam Cement Group, and Australia’s SEEK Group participated in the funding round for GetLinks last year, raising almost eight figures in U.S. dollars. According to Djoann Fal, the co-founder of GetLinks informs that this finding will help set up local offices across Asia in Malaysia, Taiwan, Shenzhen, and Indonesia.

Sattha, the information technology professional, looked at plenty of other job sites but was not able to find any jobs that required his specific skill set. He was impressed how GetLinks matched his profile with several jobs that were spot on.

GetLinks is almost three years old. Till date, it has placed over a thousand candidates across different companies like Tencent, Traveloka, Siam Commercial Bank and so on.

GetLinks is an excellent model for how companies can be matched with the right candidates by looking for specific skill sets. With the demand for tech skills going sky high in Asia, GetLinks is the perfect answer to placing the right candidates in the right profiles.

A recent study by Google and Temasek showed that Southeast Asia’s virtual economy would reach $240 billion by the year 2025, which is a fifth more than the previous forecast made in 2016 due to increasing mobile connectivity.

GetLink enables companies to look at a candidate’s profile and contact them directly without having to go through a middle person. Sea Thailand has recruited more than ten people using the services offered by GetLinks. GetLinks charges about 15 percent of the recruited a candidate’s first annual salary, or they offer a monthly subscription that ranges from two hires for 1,000 to unlimited hires for $10,000.

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