Litecoin Enters Professional Esports Arena

Litecoin Enters Professional Esports Arena

The Litecoin Foundation recently made a huge announcement regarding its latest gaming venture. The organization released its gaming venture called Litecoin Gaming by signing an official esports team, Nefarious.

Given the backing Nefarious has, it is certain to make a huge impact in the esports industry. 

Nefarious is widely renowned for its amazing teamwork, work ethic, and gaming’s mentals aspects. Under the Litecoin Gaming flag, Nefarious will compete in professional esports events, such as the Rocket League and more. 

AxiS, Litecoin Gaming CEO, talked about the recent development, praising its relevance. AxiS stated that Rocket League would be a tremendous addition to the quickly growing venture. The CEO added that Litecoin would be showcasing the Litecoin brand to thousands of users with the development. Moreover, the entire experience will be entertaining and engaging for the viewers.

Nefarious’ Coach Space Beer also expressed delight about the collaboration. According to Space Beer, the opportunity will bring positive results for the entire team while helping the Litecoin community grow as well. 

Initiated back in 2018, Nefarious is currently one of the most well-known teams in the Rocket League. Its recent achievements include the third rank in the “Shopify Rebellion” and “Dreamhack Beyond Boost Cup.” The team also faced the top teams in October 2021 at the Haunted Hallows Cup. 

The current lineup of the Litecoin Gaming for Rocket League comprises:

  • JWismont or ake Wismont
  • Ahduhm or Adam Gehman
  • hockE or Stephen H.
  • Buddy or Alexander Che
  • Space Beer or Ben Baron, the Coach

The future for Litecoin Gaming seems bright, with the new squad packing significant potential. The lineup will compete in the forthcoming Winter North America Regional Event. 

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