Basketball Star Steph Curry Will Not Invest in Cbd, Blockchain, and Gambling

The famous basketball player of Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry, is not yet planning to invest in CBD, blockchain, and gambling.

According to the recent news, Steph introduced his own investment company, i.e., SC30. He is focusing on consumers as well as enterprise consumers with his partner, Bryant Barr.

According to many NBA athletes, CBD is a great option to invest, but Curry is against them. Mike Tyson, a famous boxer and Lamar Odom, former NBA star, knows the role of CBD and its positive effects on their manufactured drugs. These medicines are suitable for both mental and physical health.

But, Curry and Barr are not in favor of other athletes. They want to support the brand name and, therefore, invest accordingly. Barr said that Curry would not jump in the world of blockchain. On the other side, Barr loves blockchain technology and thinks that it will evolve in a large scale globally. If we talk about consumer perspective on the blockchain, then they need to understand the product they are purchasing.

Barr and Curry are exploring many companies and organizations but avoiding CBD and betting. His investment firm SC30 is not ready to bet in the medical field. Currently, the NBA star moves backward in investing in blockchain and gambling.

Barr and Curry mentioned about the missed opportunities of investing in Zoom (ZM) and Pagerduty (PD). He is selectively investing in the companies after considering the benefits to his firm. He is focusing on the long-term goal of building and promoting his brand. Curry’s performance will vary his purpose of setting his firm. He is planning to play basketball in the NBA for the next six seasons.

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