California Legal Market Seeks to Allay Consumer Apprehensions Amid CDC Warning Against Cannabis Vaping

Cannabis Vaping

Technicians at the cannabis testing labs frequently come across pesticides, bacteria, and mold and these things have become an indispensable part of their labs in order to introduce THC products to the market. Of late, the technicians have also been asked to look for vitamin E acetate.

It is reported that the presence of the synthetic form of vitamin E in the illegal market THC vape cartridges has apparently caused the outbreak of lung illness. The large scale eruption of this vaping associated lung illness affected scores of users in most states in the US.

Now, manufacturers based in the legal market are leaving no stone unturned to alleviate the apprehensions of consumers. They have gone to the extent of shelling out huge costs for lab-verified proof that their cannabis filled cartridges also known as carts do not contain any additive.

But, the step does not seem to be enough for a few cannabis consumers as the recommendation has been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid using any vaping products that may contain THC.

A few San Diego based dispensaries have reported a fall of 20 percent in vape sales in the previous month i.e. September 2019 as some customers shifted to other delivery systems such as edibles, pre-rolled joints, tinctures, etc. as long as there is no revelation of the mysterious illness. According to market analysis firm New Frontier, Southern California has also witnessed a 20 percent fall in the market share of cannabis vaping products ever since the vaping products are linked to the outbreak of lung illness in several parts of the country.

John Kagia, New Frontier’s chief knowledge officer said that the long term outlook will remain the biggest question in the present scenario. He said,

“It is going to hinge prominently on the findings of the CDC investigation to prove — what so far is still rampant speculation — what the culprit is here.”

The crisis has reduced the legal cannabis markets all across the country and in California to a struggling position. Currently, the markets are striving hard to differentiate themselves from the unregulated illegal market.

The procedure to transform leafy cannabis into vaping oil includes an extractions procedure that strips away everything except the THC. The procedure leads to the creation of a strong waxy and peanut buttery kind of substance. The manufacturers then add back the terpenes which are an organic material produced from the plant and offer a fragrance and flavor. It works as a natural thinning agent and leads to the creation of oil that is all set for the vape cartridge.

At present, a few market sellers are using oil additives and vitamin E acetate either to boost their cannabis supply longer for generating higher revenues or to achieve the correct thickness.Notably, Vitamin E acetate is frequently used in several skincare products. The synthetic form of vitamin E takes place in plants and a few foods obtained from nuts and sunflowers. Experts say that if you inhale the synthetic form of vitamin E, it may damage the lungs by applying an oil coating which may cause inflammation.

Nearly 47 percent of samples of THC containing products had the oil when tested by the US Food and Drugs Administration, according to the data released.

Vaping has emerged as the latest fashion trend among youngsters all across the globe. It is believed to be safer when compared with smoking as it produces lesser tar and carcinogens. However, before you set out to purchase your vape cartridge, it is essential to check the type of oil it may contain. You must find out whether the oil is flavored or not and what type of cutting agents have been used for diluting the solution.

Vape cartridges are filled with cannabis distillate for the maximum level of vaporization with the help of the portable battery. All flavors and scented compounds are eliminated from cannabis oil during distillation. In order to add some additional flavors, it is combined with glycol and terpenes to produce the unique mouthfeel. All the cartridges are found to have cannabinoids and most importantly terpenes. Raw cartridges are vape cartridges and do not contain any added flavors or perfume. It just includes pure cannabis distillate.

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