GigaFX Offers an Array of Payment Methods


GigaFX offers several compelling reasons that make it a great choice for trading and investing. Its customer-centric services always make sure that the customer feels well supported in his or her trading endeavors. The platform caters to all kinds of traders with all ranges of experience. GigaFX’s efforts to support its customers extend to its enriching services when it comes to a range of payment methods. In this article, we will discuss these methods in detail and explore all the possibilities of using such methods. So here we go!

So, what are the types of payment methods which GigaFX offers?

The topic of payment methods has always been a concern for everyone. Why concern?  Well, payment methods revolve around risks such as online threats to sensitive information, online attack to the owner’s accounts, or simply the tedious hassle that the traditional methods bring with them. GigaFX understands all these issues and tries to step into the customer’s shoes before offering them a solution or service. Because of this nature, the platform has managed to make its name based on the excellent services.

The platform’s main objective is to give its users a secure, and quick deposits and withdrawal platform. The efficiency would, therefore, offer users ease and comfort. The kinds of payment methods which the company offers, they all come with a certified payment gateway called- ‘PCI DSS.’ There is a good variety of payment methods, as the platform is available in various countries. Yet, here are a few of the services that you can start with-

  • Bank Wire Transfer-

This one is the regular traditional payment system. It involves the bank to transfer your funds from one account to another. It comes with a certain fee (depending on the country where this facility is used.) Another factor about this facility is that it consumes time. Despite the fees and time-consuming nature, this option is regarded as a very safe option to transfer or receive funds.

  • Debit and credit cards Payments-

This is another payment method offered by the platform. GigaFX accepts a wide array of payment methods under this category too. This method is quicker in comparison to the bank wire transfer and other payment methods, but it also costs heavier fees as well. They are-

  1. Visa Card
  2. Master Card
  3. Delta,
  4. Diners,
  5. Maestro, and
  6. Solo
  • Electronic Payment Method-

The user can enjoy a good range of electronic payment method on GigaFX. The platform offers the following payment services-

  1. Skrill,
  2. Neteller,
  3. e-wallets, and
  4. Crypto Wallets

The good factor about this payment method is that it is user-friendly, therefore, anybody with all kinds of background can use this type of payment method. Other aspects of this payment solution include- it is cheaper in comparison to the other payment methods, and it is way quicker.

The addition of the crypto wallets to this payment method is another factor behind its popularity. With the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, this payment method will only grow further.

Note- One thing to note is that the user must use the same method of payment for both the deposits and withdrawals. This is recommended because of security reasons.

Further, with a great variety of types of accounts to choose from, the user can enjoy a good variety of trading services that include- services on MT4, Web & mobile platform, trading session, personal account manager, expert advisor support, 24/7 customer support, fixed & floating nature of spreads, 1:100 & 1:200 leverage range, hedging, forex news, resource center, the knowledge center, webinar services, daily market alerts, one-on-one training services, expert training, and personal bonus policy. All these services are offered based on the type of account you choose, i.e.

  • Starters Account,
  • Silver Account,
  • Gold Account, or
  • Premium Account.
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