Sessia Leverages Blockchain For Business By Offering Several Advantages

Sessia business app

Sessia, a company with offices in New York City, has revealed that the Sessia system leverages blockchain technology for business by creating trust, transparency, and loyalty reward programs. It also minimizes costs for businesses in marketing of their products or services by providing them with an e-commerce store. Sessia has announced that more than 100 businesses in New York are now utilizing the Sessia platform and they expect to expand further within the United States.

Narek Sirakanyan, president of Sessia, says, “We started work on the Sessia project in 2016. For business, this is a tool for promoting and working with clients. From the point of view of ordinary users, this is a new generation social network. Besides the benefits of getting cashbacks and kickbacks, it’s also such a fun place – it’s always interesting to see friends’ checks and recommendations of places.”

In an interview with Inc. magazine, Narek explained how IT technologies can help change small and medium-sized businesses for the better. With Sessia, offline businesses get to have an e-commerce store. For ordinary users who download and install the Sessia app, they get to see the businesses that signed up with Sessia, also through the app, and get to know about them. Through the use of the app, they may decide to try a particular store or establishment like a restaurant. And one way of encouraging people to try their product or service is through cashbacks.

Cashbacks are similar to the reward points given in the standard loyalty programs. They represent a certain percentage of the price of a product or service. In effect, they are discounts that are offered as a reward to the consumer for patronizing their product or service. In addition, consumers also can get kickbacks, which is a reward that they get when their friend makes a similar purchase because of their recommendation. In the Sessia system that uses blockchain for business, this is made easy.

When a Sessia user makes a purchase from a business by using the app, he or she is automatically registered with the loyalty program. And when he or she invites a friend, once that friend joins, they will automatically get to see each other’s posts, just like in any other social network. The Sessia social marketplace system has been designed such that when a user makes a purchase and wants this to be posted on his or her Feed, that person will only have to scan the QR code on the receipt and the details of the purchase, including his or her comments, will be posted on Sessia.

The friends of the one who made the purchase will get to see the details of the purchase and may be motivated to make a similar purchase. When that happens, the user who had scanned the QR code to share the details of the purchase gets rewarded with kickbacks. This works because people generally trust their friends when they say something about a particular product or service. In essence, that trust is transferred to the business. That is another key advantage of the Sessia system.

And if for any reason, the user who made a purchase does not want to share the details on the Sessia Feed, he or she doesn’t have to scan the QR code. But most of the time, they will do so because of the potential for receiving kickbacks.

With regard to the security of the system, Narek explained that blockchain technology has the capability to block hacker attacks. This means that private and confidential information is protected from unauthorized access.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that for users in the United States, US currency is transformed into digital tokens for use on the Sessia system. Sessia LLC is currently working on the Bitlicense procedure.

Those who would like to learn more about the Sessia app can check out their website or contact them through the telephone or by email. The Sessia business app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and from the Play Store for Android.

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